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Business Continuity Management helps your company to be proactive about identifying risk and preparing for such risk. The result is a more robust organisation with a reduced risk profile aimed at organisational resilience.

ContinuityEastAfrica offers end to end business continuity and ICT resilience services that is uniquely structured to suit your company. Organisations can leverage advances in modern technology, interdependent local and global supply chains as well as expertise from BCM and risk specialists, to implement cost-effective resiliency solutions and ensure operational sustainability.

ContinuityEastAfrica offers your organisation resources to implement and maintain effective business continuity programmes. Where required, we offer training to instil the right skills and approach that will enable your organisation to successfully maintain its business continuity programme.
All BCM Advisors seconded to our clients are qualified members of the Business Continuity Institute and subscribe to the code of practice and ethics for business continuity practitioners. This means that our consultants are highly experienced in conducting business impact analyses; enterprise risk assessments; developing and maintaining business and IT continuity plans; crisis management plans; BCM auditing; and testing.

Contact our BCM Advisors to assist your company with your business continuity program.

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