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Disaster Recovery Solutions from ContinuityEastAfrica

Recovery Coordination Services from ContinuityEastAfrica are designed to ensure that companies are able to effectively coordinate their ICT or full business recoveries with the professional facilitation of the testing process by qualified BCM practitioners based on best practices. Required information and associated documentation is collected and collated in order to define the testing scope, plans and objectives. The entire testing process is carefully monitored in order to determine whether the defined recovery objectives have been met.

Recovery Review is an additional part of the offering, whereby assistance is both given in ascertaining whether testing is in line with best practice and in giving recommendations for future improvements. The standard utilised is the British Standard Institute’s BS25999. This provides the executive with peace of mind regarding their corporate governance responsibilities. It is imperative that the review procedure is carried out by a party external to the organisation to allow for ‘requisite objectivity’.

The following diagram gives an indication of the process followed for the Recovery Coordination and Review process