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Never before in the history of commerce has there been such a pervasive level of automation and inter-connectivity in the way we transact business and manage the ensuing relationships to retain and increase profitability.

However, the very innovations which have transformed the way we do business for the better, have also brought in their wake systemic vulnerabilities, which can bring entire sectors of industry spanning various geographies, to their knees.

The recent global recession is a reminder of how co-dependent individual economies and the businesses which support them have become.

With respect to natural phenomena, the modern world continues to be plagued by catastrophes. These have increased both in frequency and impact. The devastation caused by recent natural disasters runs into billions of dollars for the affected private enterprises, whilst the cost to communities and families is incalculable.

In many other instances, private enterprises have had to endure the disruptive effects of social and political unrest, factors which although not of their own making, have proved to have far reaching repercussions on supply chains and routine operations.

In view of all of the above, building and maintaining resilient business operations has become a strategic imperative for companies and the executives responsible for risk, governance and sustainability.

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