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The global public awareness of good governance has a significant impact on the way companies are perceived to be conducting their business. Investors today are better informed and educated;

Research has proven that investors will pay a premium for shares in companies that practice sound governance.

Senior Management’s ability to direct, measure and evaluate their enterprise’s Business Continuity Management has a direct impact on the organisation’s strategic goals and the future sustainability of the organisation.

Good corporate governance goes beyond the conduct and responsibility of the board and directors, but focuses on the alignment of people, processes and technology. Understandably, businesses in South Africa are undergoing a transformation process that will affect the way we do business within the global economy.


The recent governance clamp-down through the King iii report, the New Companies Act and the basis upon which the South African Constitution is formed has many organisations looking for a means to address this regulatory reformation.

ContinuitySA is committed to global best practice, sound governance, effective risk management and compliance – The first step towards establishing better governance within an organisation is to understand the potential risks faced by the organisation. BCM is a holistic management process that provides a framework around which an organisation can address operational risks and the impact that these risks could have on the organisation.

Corporate governance has emerged as a discipline that needs to be thoroughly understood by the entire business and needs to be elevated from the boardroom through the entire company.

A chain is only as strong as the weakest link – businesses today are complex and intricately interwoven through people, products, technology, communication and infrastructure. A business susceptible to an interruption within this co-dependence could certainly become a catalyst for harm to the organisation.