Launch of ContinuityEastAfrica is a milestone for business in the region

Launch of ContinuityEastAfrica is a milestone for business in the region

Launch of ContinuityEastAfrica is a milestone for business in the region

A professional, world-class business continuity capability sends a clear message to the global business community: the East African region is very much open for business, and it aims to be world-class.

By Pete Freilinghaus, MD, ContinuityEastAfrica

For me and my team, of course, the official opening of our data centre and work-area facilities is a hugely significant event—and the start of a highly profitable business, we hope. But, in all honesty, I think this launch says something important about the maturity of East Africa as a business contender, both in terms of its attractiveness for foreign companies wanting to open offices in the region, and of the ability of East African companies to compete on international markets.

I say this because all businesses face the challenge of a risk landscape that is increasingly hard to read, and where the downside can often be quite daunting. As a result, governance codes have made it clear that boards must take responsibility for overseeing efforts to identify and mitigate risk, and build organisational resilience. In response, the discipline of business continuity management has become more professional, with its own ISO standard (22301) and Good Practice Guidelines, issued by the leading global membership and certifying organisation for business continuity and resilience professionals, the Business Continuity Institute.

Many organisations are teaming with professional, specialist providers to ensure not only that they develop the most effective business continuity plans and strategies, but that they are tested and updated regularly. They are also looking to these providers to supply them with the failover data centres and work-area recovery sites that are integral to a business continuity/ resilience strategy that works.

For the first time, all these elements are now available from one East African provider. ContinuityEastAfrica offers a Tier 3 data centre plus 95 work-area recovery seats. The data centre is a Point of Presence for fibre networks as well as being connected to the Internet Solutions core network backbone—it thus offers full latency for clients. The work-area recovery seats are fully equipped in an agreeable office environment; they are critical if a client’s premises are inaccessible owing to a natural disaster, industrial action or anything else.

This combination of data centre and work-area recovery is already unique in the region but, equally important, our offering also includes a full suite of advisory services and training.

Foreign and local organisations operating out of East Africa can now boast they are as resilient as any competitor elsewhere in the world. We think this offering can play a part in helping the region realise its significant economic potential.