Server Replication

Server Replication Data Recovery Solutions from ContinuityEastAfrica

Replicate your critical servers and rapidly recover when required

Increased reliance on IT services means that businesses are requiring faster access to recovered systems in the event of business interruptions. To achieve this goal, recovery point and time objectives are under continued pressure to be reduced in order to meet the requirements of business.

Secure Storage

Our replication solutions provide clients with the ability to replicate critical production servers to our secure data centres, enabling rapid recoveryin the event of a disaster invocation. Replication workloads can be configured for physical or virtual source servers and can easily grow to accommodate changing requirements.

Proactive Monitoring and Testing

We continually monitor replication activities and perform regular testing of server replicas to ensure the recoverability of your server environment. Regular reporting is provided on the shifting recoverability of your environment, and replication failures are flagged and escalated until resolved.

Value Proposition:

  • No capital expenditure or licensing of replication software is required; all technology components are included in the managed service
  • Rapid recovery time in the event of a disaster invocation
  • Secure offsite storage of server replicas to a known location
  • Replication frequency is scheduled to meet business requirements
  • Physical or virtual servers can be replicated
  • Easily and quickly scalable
  • No additional equipment is required at your production site
  • Your IT staff are freed up to focus on business projects