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Internet Connectivity – Burstable MPL bandwidth in South Africa

Resilient, high speed Internet bandwidth

Access to the Internet has become an absolutely essential business tool enabling email, ecommerce, and access to information in general. The increasing adoption of cloud based services further emphasizes the importance of ensuring that Internet connectivity is reliable and available.

Quality Partners

ContinuityEastAfrica delivers business-grade Internet connectivity in partnership with various tier-1 providers, available as uncontended or contended depending on your specific requirements.

Managed and monitored

Internet services are monitored and managed to ensure the best possible traffic aggregation and optimal routing paths within the network, thereby delivering the best connectivity for your needs.

Value Proposition:

  • No capital expenditure; all technology components are included in the managed service
  • Bandwidth available from 1Mb/s to 1Gb/s speeds
  • Quick installation times
  • Multiple last mile options
  • Delivered on Ethernet technology
  • IP Address allocation included
  • Easily and quickly scalable