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Virtual Server Hosting

Virtual hosting solutions for critical applications

This enhanced service offering from ContinuityEastAfrica encompasses a hardware platform to facilitate the build of virtual servers to allow clients to create servers on demand. The core of the build is made up of a resource pool which is made available to clients depending on their usage requirements.

Flexible and scalable

Subscribed resources are not contended however clients have the ability to contend their resource pool by oversubscription through their own efforts. The environment has a rapid deployment path which allows for quick and easy deployment and the ability to scale the solution up with minimal interruption.


Virtual servers are completely secure and separated from other virtual services, and resources are guaranteed to deliver the contracted performance levels. Firewall and security services are also available to ensure that the risk of security breaches are minimized and company information is suitably safeguarded. Backup and high availability options are also available to ensure higher levels of recoverability and resilience.

Value Proposition:

  • No capital expenditure
  • No hardware maintenance costs
  • Virtualised platform and Microsoft server base license included.
  • Highly scalable and flexible configurations
  • Rapid implementation time
  • Reduced in-house infrastructure and power costs
  • Close proximity to expansive recovery facilities and work space
  • Access to multiple network service providers
  • Backup and replication add-ons available