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Respond quickly and powerfully to ICT failures

Respond quickly and powerfully to ICT failures

The data centre has evolved to effectively become the machine room of a company. Energy costs have increased and there is pressure on data centre operators to improve energy efficiency. ContinuitySA can assist clients in building energy efficient data centres in line with best practise and international standards. We have the experience to complete complex development projects within short timelines while complying with the highest quality objectives.

Practical Solutions

A modern data centre contains several components that are implemented with a long term view. Power and cooling is critical to any data centre and ContinuitySA selects the most applicable technology to be used for each of these systems. ContinuitySA has the experience to assist clients with developing practical solutions for the data centres encompassing layout design, energy management, ventilation and cooling design, cable routes, monitoring and life safety systems.

Value proposition

  • Practical designs
  • Energy efficient
  • Optimal use of space and resources