Maintenance of Data Centres

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Maintenance of Data Centres

Infrastructure standards for data centres support the effective operation thereof. To support continuous operation, data centres need to subscribe to best practice, published standards and internal standards. Enforcing these standards is often neglected resulting in a complex installation becoming unmanageable. ContinuitySA can assess, implement and measure your current data centre standards.


Infrastructure monitoring includes the correct operation of mechanical and electrical equipment to support the required environmental conditions and availability levels. Monitoring is not only required for identification of faults and emergency responses but also for trend analysis, capacity planning and proactive maintenance. Monitoring and control can include lighting, heating/ventilation/air conditioning systems, power, security and life safety systems. ContinuitySA provides these services using various monitoring tools and our 24-hour service desk.


Physical data centre security is made up of various components to address the full range of security needs which are dependent on the number and types of potential threats to an organisation. ContinuitySA provides a holistic approach to the unique requirements of clients and their physical security needs. This can include:

  • Access control devices
  • Layout design
  • Barriers
  • Intrusion detection and alarms
  • Guard services
  • Surveillance