Operation of Data Centres

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Operation of Data Centres

Planning for optimised space utilisation, energy use and effective cooling is critical in a data centre. It is difficult to make changes to the location of equipment in the data centre without impacting the wellbeing of the environment. It is therefore vital that suitable planning accompanies the installation of equipment. ContinuitySA can assist clients with change and capacity management in the data centre in accordance to a formal approval system, monitoring installed equipment and documenting equipment location within the racks.

Process and procedure

Change and incident management in the data centre environment is widely practised to ensure the correct management of the critical environment. ContinuitySA can assist with documenting procedures and managing change and incident procedures to ensure all activities in the data centre adheres to the agreed procedures.

Asset management

Asset management and record keeping for equipment deployed in the data centre is becoming complex as virtual services come into effect. Knowing the dependencies of equipment on a physical layer can also be a challenge. The correct use of standards for cabling and labelling, colour coding, documenting equipment location and requirements is often ignored. However the correct implementation becomes a wealth of information for capacity planning and maintenance. Intelligent layout drawings become vital in complex installations to be able to know what equipment is installed and how they are interconnected.

Value Proposition

  • Improved capacity management
  • Formal change and incident management
  • Managed availability
  • Asset Management