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Disaster Recovery for Call & Contact Centres

Specifically looking at inbound and outbound call and contact centre recovery. ContinuitySA has the facilities, technology and skills to assist organisations recover their contact centre form any sort of disaster or incident affecting their operations. With the correct solution in place, which ContinuitySA can assist with, we can give any organisation the peace of mind that their customer service and revenue streams will be protected by offering call and contact centre recovery solutions tailored to each individual organisation.

With absolute seating flexibility in the form of syndicated, dedicated or production seats, ContinuitySA can cater for any of the three options, or a blend of all of them if a client requires such a model. This modelling is aimed at taking care of technical and commercial requirements.

Value Proposition:

  • Cost effective syndicated work environmentli>
  • Close proximity to IT and network recovery infrastructure.
  • Branches situated locally and Internationally
  • State of the art technology
  • World class facilities