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Portable Recovery in South Africa

Recovery components delivered to your door.

Not all disasters are equal, with some incidents only affecting a single element of your business that does not necessitate the activation of a fully-fledged recovery process. For these smaller localised disasters ContinuitySA can transport recovery ICT equipment to your production site as required.

Mobile data centres

For any company that requires a secure, resilient data centre solution that can be delivered and installed at any location worldwide, our totally self-contained mobile units are highly portable and able to address your unique requirements.

These units are totally self-contained and equipped as standard with integrated UPS, physical security and intruder detection, cooling and humidity control, and flexible network rack configuration.

Every component of the mobile data centre is customisable, increasing application, adaptability and design possibility. Mobile data centres can be permanently positioned at a production location, your predetermined recovery location, or utilised purely as a portable solution that can be relocated to any location as required

Value Proposition:

  • IT equipment and entire data centre delivered to your premises.
  • Rapid Implementation.
  • Data centres can be easily connected to utilities.

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